Boris Mezhibovskiy - programmer

I am currently a Staff Software Engineer at Walmart Global eCommerce. Before that, I worked at Deloitte Digital working mostly on iOS projects. I graduated from Digipen Institute of Technology in April 2011 as a video game programmer, so I have a lot of experience in that field. However due to my current job, I also thrive in non-video game environments.

I am fluent in iOS development because I've been programming it professionally since May 2011. I am also fluent in C and C++ because I've been programming in it since 2003. I have written and debugged many iOS/Win32/DirectX applications. I also have a working knowledge of many other technologies that I've been exposed to over the years. Learning a new one is natural and fun!

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Why I am a programmer
I have always loved that computers allow us to do things that we cannot do in the real world. Magic spells, simulations and much more is possible within the world of software. The obvious next step is creating software.
Programming is the ultimate form of expression. Software is not bounded by the physical restrictions of the real world. I can build anything from amazing clockwork monoliths to simulations of the galaxy. On top of that, other people can experience the creations interactively. No other form of creative expression is as free and easy as creating software!

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